This is the first post on the website, which accompanies the Pro Python System Administrations book published by Apress. This website is a place for me to post the book related news and also host the discussion forum, where you can talk about the topics discussed in the book. Some of the projects described in the book will be maintained as the open source projects, you can also find more information about them on this website.

It is very exciting to get this book published. It took a bit more than a year from start to finish, but some 206 SVN commits later (I was using SVN to maintain the book revisions) the writing is finally over. This was definitely a really interesting and challenging project and I’m glad I’ve done it. I learned a great deal about the publishing business and the book writing processes.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. More importantly I hope the projects described in the book will inspire you use Python in the system administration tasks more often.

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17 July 2010